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Occasionally I like to share my musing via my blog on Here's an archive of past posts for your enjoyment!

Catch Fire (musings on writing, life, and college applications)

In this post, how a poem became my mantra and the lesson that poem can offer high school students as they look toward the college application process. A couple of weeks ago at a writing conference, I saw a wonderful and weird performance called "Poetry off the Page," in which two poets -  Martin Steingesser and his partner  - recited original works and works by other poets while a musician accompanied them.

What Xzayvior Taught Me - Diane Vanaskie Mulligan - Medium

In this post, an East Coast liberal struggles with her inner bitchy flibbertigibbet to overcome her irrational dislike of unconventional names. The other day read an article in the New York Times that mentioned a young boy named "Xzayvior." I found this name mind-boggling.

Stop Trying to be a Writer - Diane Vanaskie Mulligan - Medium

For many years, I wanted to be a writer. For many years, I tried to be a writer. For many years, I waited for someone else to confirm for me that I was in fact a writer because I did not feel like a writer.