Oat Flour Sugar Cookies

Super easy cut-out cookies
Super easy cut-out cookies

Who doesn't love a good cut-out cookie? Too bad they're such a pain in the butt to make. The dough is always too hard to roll out or too soft to cut into delicate shapes, and decorating them never results in pinterst worthy cookies.


Enter the amazing, easy-to-cut oatmeal sugar cookie recipe.


I encountered this recipe years ago on AllRecipes, and it is the only sugar cookie recipe I'll ever need. And you can feel a little good about it because there's oat flour in the dough.


Okay, probably not enough oat flour to outweigh the butter and sugar, but in terms of ease of use, that oat flour is key. It makes this dough very forgivable. You can roll it out and re-roll it over and over with no ill-effects, and it's tough enough to cut into tricky shapes like reindeer and bunnies. You can roll the cookies very thin if you like them that way, or thicker if you plan to load them up with decorations.


My hubby prefers the cookies plain, no icing, with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I like mine a little sweeter with a nice dollop of icing on top, or with a little lemon glaze. Basically, they are incredible versatile, all purpose sugar cookies!


For the batch pictured here, I made royal icing for the first time because it was theoretically going to make decorating a snap. I had a hard time getting the icing to reach the proper consistency, though, and even with this supposedly simple dunk-to-decorate method, it was really messy. They don't look as good as Martha Stewarts, and I had no food coloring to make the icing festive pink, but they do taste amazing.


Cookies for dinner!


The Recipe

Visit AllRecipes for the cookie recipe.


  • About the recipe: At firs the dough will seem hard to roll when you first remove from the fridge, but once it starts to soften up, it's very easy.
  • The recipe doesn't call for salt. As I use unsalted butter, I add 1/4 tsp. salt when I add the baking soda.

For the cookies pictured here, I used Martha Stewart's Royal Icing recipe. I used egg whites (not meringue powder), but I didn't have the greatest results.


Next time, I'm going to try this alternative to traditional royal icing.


Do you have a favorite sugar cookie recipe or decorating technique? I'd love to hear your tips!


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