The Christmas Bargain


Eva is a twenty-something workaholic who wouldn’t mind a little love in her life. Kai is a hopeless romantic with a broken heart. When an office Christmas party disaster brings them together, each is looking for the nearest mistletoe. There’s only one catch: Kai’s initial attraction to Eva was a case of mistaken identity. Eva is a near-perfect copy of his ex-fiancé, Gwen. Will Kai discover Eva is the woman he loves, or will he always wish she were Gwen?


Adele Adair is the shared pen name of Diane Mulligan and Stephanie Monahan. After ten years of Sunday-morning writing sessions and trading manuscripts, in 2022, Diane and Stephanie  decided to start a joint venture of holiday-themed romantic novellas under the pen name Adele Adair. Diane and Steph share a love of tea, chocolate, reading by the fireplace, and books with happy endings, and they are excited to bring some holiday cheer to readers this Christmas.



Available exclusively for Kindle.



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