The Adele Collection

Adele Adair is the shared pen name of Diane Mulligan and Stephanie Monahan. After ten years of Sunday-morning writing sessions and trading manuscripts, in 2022, Diane and Stephanie  decided to start a joint venture of holiday-themed romantic novellas under the pen name Adele Adair. Diane and Steph share a love of tea, chocolate, reading by the fireplace, and books with happy endings, and they are excited to share some joy with their readers in the form of short, sweet books! 

Beacon Hill Love Story


Kat's family has spent Thanksgiving at Aunt Elaine's Beacon Hill brownstone for as long as she can remember, until a falling out puts an end to the tradition. Three years after their last shared holiday, Aunt Elaine suddenly passes away, leaving her beloved apartment to Kat.


Against her mother's wishes, and in spite of her own fears of leaving home, Kat knows she needs to make a change. Her post-college life has been lonely, and Beacon Hill is magic.


New friends, new love, and a chance to uncover a family mystery await her in the city—if she's brave enough to go get it.

Las Vegas for Valentine's Day


 Tessa needs a social life. And a vacation. And a little romance wouldn’t hurt either. But when her childhood BFF Beth proposes a group Galentine’s Day trip to Las Vegas, Tessa has some reservations: the others are mean girls who made her feel like a loser in middle school.


Nonetheless, Tessa caves to pressure from Beth and agrees to join the reunion. Things go sideways from the start when Beth is a no-show at the airport, leaving Tessa on her own with her old frenemies, and the hotel where they are meant to stay is filthy and crumbling.


In order to salvage the weekend getaway, Tessa finds nicer accommodations. Little does she know that this small change in plans will put her on the path of fate. The boy who broke her heart in college is here at this new hotel, giving her the chance to find out if they were truly meant to be. The Galentine’s Day trip might just turn into a Valentine’s Day romance after all.



The Love Game


Mia has never been lucky in love. Growing up, she always wanted for herself the same sort of relationship her grandparents shared—love at first sight and a lifelong partnership. Is that really too much to ask? When she and her sister inherited their grandparents' home in Scenic, Massachusetts, they decided to renovate it and restore it to its former glory, but being surrounded by memories of Gram and Gramps has left Mia longing for a romance of her own. When her equally love-deprived friend Logan proposes a challenge to see which of them can be the first to land a Valentine's Day date, Mia's competitive spirit kicks in. Each of them embarks on a series of hilariously bad dates in their quest for love, but who will win the challenge? And can a friendly wager result a real romance?

 The Christmas Bargain


Eva is a twenty-something workaholic who wouldn’t mind a little love in her life. Kai is a hopeless romantic with a broken heart. When an office Christmas party disaster brings them together, each is looking for the nearest mistletoe. There’s only one catch: Kai’s initial attraction to Eva was a case of mistaken identity. Eva is a near-perfect copy of his ex-fiancé, Gwen. Will Kai discover Eva is the woman he loves, or will he always wish she were Gwen?





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 Inn Love by Christmas



 Christmas is Harper Harrison’s favorite time of year—but this year, she’s finally dumped her no-good boyfriend, and her parents are away on a holiday cruise. She’s got to find a way to make the holidays special all on her own.


Ian Rivers is floundering. After a knee injury shattered his chances of a professional hockey career, he’s been searching for direction. Interviews at various sports programs have him traveling during the holidays, his least favorite time of year.


When Ian checks in at Harper’s small-town inn after Thanksgiving, he’s already sick of the holiday spirit. But Harper prides herself on making even the grumpiest guests happy. And they both have the sense that maybe they’ve met before… could it be they were meant to find each other on Christmas? 


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